Tax Services

Helping you find ways to increase revenue, improve cost efficiency and improve your ability to serve your customers

The federal, state, and local tax codes are complex and can be confusing. Our approach is to understand first and then apply our tax expertise to provide solutions that are fairly reported and transparent.

By first understanding the public’s desire for an efficiently run Non-Profit organization, we don’t just present numbers on a tax return, but recognize and are sensitive to the end-users of these Compliance Reports – Your Donors. They want confirmation that their fund contributions are maximized for the purpose they were originally donated – the welfare and academic experience of the students who attend your school. You can have peace of mind that Grennan Fender has you covered. Its not just about filing IRS Form 990. Its transparent reporting leading to greater potential donor giving and interest.

And, it's all about choice, Your Choice. Choose Grennan Fender!