We’re proud to announce our new Redbook Lite and Redbook Pro App’s are now available at iTunes! The new App’s replace our previous Redbook App which was designed for the ver. 2001 Redbook. “Redbook” is the friendly name used for the Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools provided by the Florida Department of Education (DOE). Redbook is a uniform general ledger codification system prescribed by the DOE. The Redbook Lite App was designed to provide the user an efficient lookup tool to find general ledger expense codes conforming to DOE standards. The Redbook App allows users to quickly wheel through the various objects and functions to easily identify the code combination. Once selected, the user can option to read the narratives behind each code combination. The Redbook Pro App includes all the functionality of the Lite App but expands usability to include Asset, Liability and Revenue Sections of the Redbook. We encourage you to visit the App store at iTunes and search for “redbook codes”. The Redbook Lite is available free and the Pro App is offered at $4.99. Both were designed for the iPhone and iTouch and can be used equally well on the iPad and iPad Mini.