The Spring 2015 issue of the Statistics of Income Bulletin features preliminary data on 2013 individual income tax returns. Both Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and taxable income increased less than 1% over 2012, with total tax liability increasing 4.5%. The larger percentage increase in total income tax liability compared to AGI coincided with new higher marginal tax rates for ordinary income and certain capital gain income, as well as,, the new net investment income and additional Medicare taxes. In 2013, more than 66% of taxpayers claimed the standard deduction. Taxes and interest comprised 70% of all itemized deductions for 2013. The report also contains prior year’s data that indicates for 2012, almost half of all noncash charitable contributions went to foundations and large charitable organizations. Corporate stock (39.1%), clothing (21.8%), household items (8.7%), and other investments (8.3%) accounted for the largest percentages of noncash contributions reported on Schedule A. The report is available at