Tax-exempt Organization Fundraising

  1. Tax-exempt Organization Fundraising

    Many tax-exempt organizations now have websites that accept donations, online. In an Information Letter, the IRS indicates that no prohibition exists against a 501(c)(3) organization using an Internet fundraising platform to raise funds. Website or email solicitations should comply with the same rules that apply to other solicitations. IRS advised that these websites should contain the required disclosures regarding deductibility. Receipts generated by electronic donations also should contain disclosures. Information Letter 2013-0001

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  2. Corporate 5k

    Last week McCrady, Hess & Ruth participated in the Annual Corporate 5k at Lake Eola hosted by Insurance Office of America. We were just one of 700 companies participating in the race supporting health and wellness in the corporate culture. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office for some friendly competition, a good time together and run off some of the stress of the end of another tax season!

  3. IRS Social Media Tools

    In anticipation of the looming April 15 tax deadline, the IRS reminds tax preparers of the social media avenues available to access current tax information. Tax tips, news, videos, and podcasts are only a click away: (1) IRS2Go—a free mobile application allowing users to check refund status and receive tax updates; (2) YouTube—provides access to a variety of IRS video tax tips; (3) Twitter—receive IRS tax-related announcements and daily tax tip tweets from @IRSnews and @IRStaxpros; (4) Podcasts—short audio recordings of IRS tax-related topics can be accessed through the iTunes store or the IRS Multimedia Center; and (5) Tumblr—follow the IRS microblog with access to PDF forms, tax tips, videos, and podcasts. IRS Tax Tip 2013-47.