Per Diem Rate Publication

  1. Per Diem Rate Publication

    Per Diem Rate Publication: The IRS announced that it will no longer be updating IRS Pub. 1542 (Per Diem Rates), which is used by employers who pay a per diem allowance to employees for business travel away from home within the continental U.S. Taxpayers must instead use the General Services Administration (GSA) website ( for the current per diem rates. Other information regarding the rates, such as substantiation methods and transition rules, is available in IRS Pub. 463 (Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses).

  2. Charitable Deduction

    Charitable Deduction: Taxpayers claimed a charitable contribution deduction primarily made up of checks written to their church for amounts larger than $250. The church acknowledged its receipt of the contributions on a year-end statement to the taxpayers, but there was no language concerning whether any goods or services were provided in consideration for the contributions, as required under IRC Sec. 170(f)(8) . The Tax Court disallowed the deduction and reminded taxpayers that the terms of the statute require an affirmative statement that no goods or services were received. David Durden , TC Memo 2012-140 (Tax Ct.)

  3. Revocation of Tax-exempt Status

    Revocation of Tax-exempt Status: The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reported that the IRS appropriately identified and informed more than 279,500 organizations in 2011 that their tax-exempt status had been automatically revoked due to a failure to file a return or notice for three consecutive years. However, due to incomplete computer programming changes, TIGTA determined there were potentially more than 15,000 organizations the IRS did not identify as having failed to file for three consecutive years. The IRS is taking corrective action to identify these organizations. For the full report, see .