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Charter schools are unique entities — running like a business, formed as a nonprofit and subject to regulations like a government. They require professionals with a diverse background much like ours to fully understand the complexities and challenges that charter schools face. For example, money is received from the public and must be utilized and managed like a business. There are no owners, and the governing body ultimately responsible for the entity is the board of governance. We have often found that the personality and strength of the academic leaders of the school drive much of the success and direction of the school, although the decisions are made by the board. In addition, understanding the population and focus of the children and parents is crucial in providing financial consulting assistance to charter schools. As you can see, there are so many special aspects to these unique entities, and the professionals at Grennan Fender Hess & Poparad, LLP have dedicated significant resources and many years of experience and research to this industry.

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